How to sight in or “zero” an optic on your APEX

How to sight in or “zero” an optic on your APEX

Shooting the META Tactical APEX-Series Carbine Conversion Kit is a total riot, but i f you’ve never shot a pistol or handgun conversion kit, it is definitely worth the time to get your APEX-Series properly zeroed in. To get a good feel for where to place your optic on your rifle, or on the APEX series bullpup style carbine conversion kit, first extend the stock to a comfortable position. A good guideline to follow to find the right stock position is to place the butt end of the APEX bullpup conversion kit or your rifle on your bicep, and hold the pistol grip with your firing hand, with your finger resting on the trigger. Glock conversion kits are the most popular carbine conversion kits so we’ll use Glock for reference, but please note that META Tactical offers carbine conversion kits for P80 and S&W. Hold the Glock bullpup or other rifle up towards the ceiling, and adjust the stock until your arm is making a 90 degree angle. Your trigger finger should feel comfortable and not strained.

Next, install your optic onto your bullpup Glock or other rifle. Install your optic onto your top rail in a comfortable location. Not too far forward, and not too far back. On our APEX series bullpup conversion kit, we recommend placing the optic on the rail, above the pistol grip – between rail slots #10 and #16 seems to be the ideal location for most shooters. Some people prefer using an optic riser with our bullpup conversion kit, but the process is the same.

Time to head to the range with your Glock bullpup! Set a target out at the distance where you want to zero your optic, and take a few steady shots with your APEX series Glock conversion kit. This is best done from a bench rest. Record where your rounds hit in relation to where you were aiming the bullpup Glock. Now it’s time to adjust the optic. You will want to “move” the bullet holes on the target, towards the dot on your Glock, using the dials on your optic. For example, if you are low and to the right (say, 4 or 5 o’clock), you will want to twist the dials towards the “left” and “up” indicators, to “move” the holes in the target to the “left” and “up”, towards where your optics dot was aiming on the target. You can use math to find out roughly how many turns or clicks to spin each dial, but to keep things simple, most shooters will just spin the dials a little bit at a time. Note: A common misconception is trying to “move” the dot on the optic towards the bullet holes (or point of impact), causing frustration. The directional indicators on the optics’ dials indicate which way to move your point of impact, not which way your optics dot will move. (ex. “UP” will move the dot on your optic down, and “LEFT” would move your dot to the right.)

Next, take a few more shots. Once again, repeat the above process and record where the bullet holes are on the target, compared to where the dot on your optic was aimed. Repeat the above process of “moving” the bullet holes towards the dot on the optic if your point of impact is still a bit off. With a bit of patience, you’ll have your optic zeroed in no time and be ready to enjoy your new APEX series bullpup glock!

Our APEX series bullpup glock conversion kit holds zero remarkably well, as your handgun returns to the same spot every time. Our APEX series bullpup carbine conversion kit features many more retention points inside of the chassis to hold your Glock securely in place, as well as to return it to the same spot every time it is re-inserted into the chassis, than some of our competitors.

Benefits of Holding Zero

Leave your optic on our APEX series bullpup carbine chassis and you can take advantage of your Glock in its pistol form when you need a handgun. Simply pull your Glock out and swap back to your original pistol length barrel. When you’re done using the Glock as a handgun and need the utility of our bullpup carbine, simply swap in our 16” barrel for Glock, and re-insert your pistol into our APEX bullpup Glock chassis, and you’re good to go!